Aidonnite Syndicate

The Aidonnite Syndicate is a collection of “bosses” that run most criminal activity in Landau City. They are based in “The Breach” but has a far reaching arm. The last 5 years has seen its members get very organized. The syndicate themselves has a cadre of secret leaders – known only to the bosses, and are arch-fiends in the eyes of the law. They control the illegal drug trade, gambling, prostitution and many other things – including some planetary government officials. They leave the majority of the business sector along – preferring the “long tail” of the business model, and specific niches. They are considered a scourge by all law abiding citizens.

One a necessary evil, the Syndicate was responsible for organizing and helping to rebuild the city after Orrish occupation. However, the rebuild brought corporate interests back to Kaldorphian, and those organized and well funded mega-corps ousted the local syndicate. It was forced to go underground. One of the reasons why the breach has not been repaired, is because the law, governors, and even corporations fear a war. After being repressed, it took 10 years to rebuild the unity it once had, and a new generation of leaders. Having lost legitimacy, it built up its power again in illegitimate ways. The real leaders of the syndicate are rumored to not even know each other – their Gov’ners act as proxy agents in nearly everything. The leaders are shrouded in mystery.

Running The Breach

Everything that happens in the The Breach gets back to the syndicate – one way or another. This “criminal’s paradise” is divided up into 6 “districts”. Each district has a “gov’ner” – a crime overlord who pays tribute to the syndicate and represents one part of a council which makes decisions on criminal activity in Landau City in general. Its sort of a playground for criminals – most of the syndicate’s activity takes place in the city, but The breach is what they call home and they are fiercely protective of it. Each Gov’ner has a few “bosses” working various aspects of criminal enterprise under them. Corelian is an example of one.

The Breach’s 6 Districts are:

These names come from the original family names of the first 6 leaders of the syndicate – once businessmen and survivors helping to lead the reconstruction. The families do not retain control… but it is considered a high honor to be “of the blood” and they are all still active in some way with the syndicate.


Credo: “I am part of the Aidonnite Syndicate. I am a brother amongst many. We all have our place and part to play.”
Syndicate Ranks:
Recruit (low rank)
Thrasher (low rank; contractor, peripheral association)
Usher (low rank, but marked for bigger things)
Crewman (high rank; part of the organized activities – full time)
Crew Boss (high rank – running one or more crew’s; full time, 10-50 people)
Section Boss (high rank – runs multiple crew bosses; responsible for intelligence gathering, does special jobs for the Gov’ners, full time)
Gov’ner (only 6 – each runs a section in The Breach)

Aidonnite Syndicate

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