Tallin Bénézet; "Tal"

Star-gazer, navigator, astrogator


> Description: Aelfori (elven Aelfan/“Wanderer”), 15cm ears, Aelphym (land bound/walking); male, right handed, 5’5", 115#, Soul Gem
> Mannerisms: Leader


Kinetic Aptitude 2, Magic Aptitude 1, Psychic Aptitude 1; Generalist
Essence Principal = 45
RCT 6 (+ 1 CS Affected Skills)
HLT 4 (5-1 away from home world/Soul Tree)
RSN 6 (+ 1 CS Affected Skills)
PER 4 (HEARING = 6; + 1 CS)
INT 3 (4-1 away from home world/Soul Tree)
Appearance: 6
Size: 8


Poverty (half starting), Good Luck, Leadership 1, Chi Pool 0 (33), Mana Pool 0 (30), Tithe (Aidonnite Syndicate; 50%), Life-Bond (w/clan Soul Tree), Selective Digestion (or -1 all skill checks; food needs special spices and sweeteners when not around world/Soul Tree), Code of Conduct (Always choose life – leave death dealing to others; Death accumulates around those who deal in it and the stench will lead the reaper to them eventually.)


Mathematics 2+1, Physics 2+1, Astronomy 2+1, Computer: Operate 2+1, Meteorology 1+1, Pilot: Surface Vehicles 1, Pilot: Atmospheric 1, Orienteering 1, Cooking 1, Lore: Imperium 2+1, Streetwise 2, Lore: Local 3+1, Operate: Navigation/Guidance Systems 2+1, Zero-Gravity Operations 2, Language: Feyloise Speak 4+1/Literate 4+1, Language: Galactic Standard Speak 3+1/Literate 3+1, Language: Air Elemental Speak 2, Mana Sense 1, Lore: Occult 1+1, Lieffe Spael 1 (elven magic), Meditation 1
Combat: Shoot 1, Melee 1, Evade 1+1


Resilience = VITxSize = 40
Familiarity: Unarmed, beam weapons – small, staff
Damage Bonus = 3 (melee/propel only)
Tactics: Analyze the situation if possible – knowledge is the key. Always have a plan… and a back-up. Coordination of all elements into the best possible chance of success. Prefers to take captive and not kill if he can avoid it – let justice decide the fate through other means, death is the last option.


(EC = MUS*Size = 48) _ _
Credits [hard] =
a. Thermodyne “Reg” std. laser sidearm & hip holster; SEU 1-3, DMG 3, Range 10m, {5 ENC} [cost = 240 cr]
> Built-in “damper” chip which disables power from the normal source when under a certain frequency within 5m
b. Baton (1m; collapsing 4") AM 2, DMG 4, {1 ENC} [cost = 40 cr]
a. 30 SEU micropack x1 (sidearm) [cost = 140 cr; rechargeable @2 cr/seu]
Worn: [usual]
Carried: [usual]
IMPLANTS: ‘True’ citizen
Identity implant,
Genome Readout (+ 1 medical checks),
Nanomeds (+ 1 healing),

> Calahan’s Rabble Treasury {link}


History with the Group

Calahans: The group gradually formed as a hang-out at Calahans Radioactive Saloon. Over the last few weeks, they have hung out more and more, getting to know the background of each other, building trust, and staying less and less with their initial contacts in the Aidonnite Syndicate. This has not gone unnoticed, and their superiors have formally recognized this self-organized bunch and are hinting strongly that a mission is coming for the special talents of ‘Calahans rabble’.

Initial: His path crossed with Adrian Desowl, who was working as a pilot on a few jobs related to his. Adrian seemed like minded of getting out of his situation, and they both began spending more time together, talking ships, computers, etc. Soon, Ken noticed the talks the two were having and joined in. A dream began to form, with the inclusion of Virgil and Tal began to see that getting out of Landau City and perhaps even off the rock may be possible with the right crew. He picked a meeting spot and formed his “club”. Many people tried to join them, but Tal always directed those not desired away. Soon it became an “exclusive club” and there was some animosity from other Aidonnite brothers – but Tal was always able to buy a round, a whore, or the right please to keep everyone happy while he secretly built up the permanent membership of his group.

Personal Background

CLAN: Star Fire
Family Pedigree: Average
Social Standing: Least
Upbringing: Urban
Education: Primary, Imperium Explorers Society (general program)

Character Point Record:
20 CP + CHA Starting = 24
1/15/2012 2 Kelly/ 2 Mario +1 ldr

Action Point Record:
0 Starting
1/15/2012 2 Kelly/ 2 Mario

Choose 2 Focus: Whatever the party needs
Brief Desc: elf with some exposure to psychic and magic

Tallin Bénézet; "Tal"

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