Jackson Shertz; "Jax"



> Description: “Roughshed” stock Faelen (human), black med. length hair w/beard, right handed, male
> Mannerisms: Jax was very rebellious growing up, preferring to be a loner. He still maintains a lot of his rugged individualism, BUT recognizes that ultimately his opportunities and progress is dependent on helping and coordinating with others. That said, he still has a bit of a mouth on him, and makes off-handed comments at rather inopportune times – this has lead to a few “misunderstandings”… usually followed by a brawl.


Kinetic Aptitude 4, Rogue Archetype
CRD 4 (Primary; 1 less to increase)
PER 6 (8 for visuals; + 1 CS affected skills)
Appearance: 5-1 =4 (facial scar – he prefers too keep it to remind him to be more careful sometimes)
Size: 10


Danger Sense, Toughened, Toughness 1, Good Luck, Heightened Sense: Sight, Kinetic Faculty: 2, Chi Pool 0 (32), Poverty (half starting), Tithe (Aidonnite Syndicate; 50%)


Lore: Local History 3, Math 2, Language: Galactic Standard Speak 4/Literacy 3, Lore: Imperium 1, Geography 1, Streetwise 1, Art/Illustration 1 (photography), Operate: Communication Devices 1 (Camera, sensors, arrays, broadcast, etc.), Climb 1, Survival: 2, Botany 1, Zoology 1, Biology 1, Lore: Orrish 1, Lore: Faelen 1, Tracking 1+1, Orienteering 1, Camouflage 2+1, Stealth 2+1, Pilot: Surface 1, Computer: Operate 1,
Combat: Shoot 1, Melee 1, Soak 1+1, Evade 1+1
Locale Familiarity:


Resilience = VITxSize = 40+4+5 = 49
Familiarities: Unarmed
Damage Bonus = 5 + 1 =6 (melee/propel only)
Chi Cornerstones: [32 chi] Tearing (4 damage to any single melee or propel based attack @1 chi), Centering (1 CS to orienteering, meditation, or survival check @5 chi)
Tactics: His priority in a fight is usually finishing it, before it starts. Surprise is the best weapon, although his not adverse to going in “gunz blazin” if the need calls for it. Again, “over before it starts” is his philosophy, so getting the most powerful armaments which can be deployed fast and will take down the enemy before they can react is the best approach.


(EC = MUS*Size = 50) 6 (jacket) + 3 (“reg” sidearm)
Credits [hard] = 200
Armor/Screen: thick synth-leather jacket (3/24; Fit 1×6=6 Enc; cost = 100 cr)
a. Thermodyne “Reg” std. laser sidearm & hip holster; SEU 1-3, DMG 3, Range 10m, {5 ENC} [cost = 240 cr]
> Built-in “damper” chip which disables power from the normal source when under a certain frequency within 5m
b. Baton (1m; collapsing 4") AM 2, DMG 4, {1 ENC} [cost = 40 cr]
a. 30 SEU micropack x1 (sidearm) [cost = 140 cr; rechargeable @2 cr/seu]
Worn: [usual]
Carried: [usual]
IMPLANTS: ‘True’ Citizen
Identity implant,
Genome Readout (+ 1 medical checks),
Nanomeds (+ 1 healing),

> Calahan’s Rabble Treasury {link}


History with the Group

Calahans: The group gradually formed as a hang-out at Calahans Radioactive Saloon. Over the last few weeks, they have hung out more and more, getting to know the background of each other, building trust, and staying less and less with their initial contacts in the Aidonnite Syndicate. This has not gone unnoticed, and their superiors have formally recognized this self-organized bunch and are hinting strongly that a mission is coming for the special talents of ‘Calahans rabble’.

Initial: One time he was sent outside the walls, along with a transport crew to pick up some relics from the Orrish Occupation times. His job was to survey the area and make sure it was safe before the crew came in to grab any salvage. Along with Gregory Daniles and some muscle, they surveyed the wreckage site. When the Orks attacked towards nightfall, it was nearly a total slaughter. Only Jackson, 2 others and Gregory made it out alive. Jackson was able to get the transport away from the battle, while Gregory was holding on by one hand, shooting with the other and being dragged away. Over the next few months, the pair got in a few barroom brawls and became friends. Jackson met Adrian Desowl during an outing to rescue a mining crew outside the walls. Jackson was impressed with Adrian’s ability to get close in, to rescue crew and equipment in dangerous situations and likewise Adrian immediately respected Jackson’s ability to jump into danger with a clear head, brave difficult terrain and climate conditions, and rescue their comrades. When Adrian was brought in by Tal, he immediately recommended Jackson for inclusion in their group. Jackson, in turn, brought in Gregory.

Personal Background

Family Pedigree: Average
Social Standing: Least (Average in past)
Upbringing: Urban
Education: Primary, Imperium Explorers Society (general program)

Character Point Record:
20 CP + CHA Starting = 24
1/15/2012 2 Kelly/ 2 Mario

Action Point Record:
0 Starting
1/15/2012 2 Kelly/ 2 Mario

Select 2 Focus: Survival/Urban – planet skills, Astrogation/navigation/way-finding
Brief Desc: Space Ranger / Planetary Scout. Exo-survival skills, Space diving (skydive from orbit), ship tracking, knowledge of exo-planets, terrain, location, etc… could have washed out of Ranger School at some point. envision insertion into system, scout, observe, and report back. maybe something went wrong on first mission (or this is my first mission) and got busted out of the corp… (think Nils in space)

Jackson Shertz; "Jax"

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