Grep- Batru

Drunnad from the Helca system


Drunnad, male, right handed, deep dark blue eyes (sparkles), hoofed feet, light brown hair, 100#, 5’3", mottled camouflage skin, age = 14 (lifespan 100)
> Mannerisms: Quiet and reserved. Is very lonely because he feels he has been forced to leave his people and travel among those that smell odd; he sighs a lot, accepting of his fate. He believes in wasting nothing and using as much of everything as he can – it is the way of his people and digestion. He is a eater with great GUSTO!


Kinetic Aptitude 3, Faith 1 (Earth Mother; Gaia)
Essence Principle: [ 40 ]


Appearance: 4
Size: 7


Cannot drink fermented things (smells vile), only distilled or mead w/honey (gives them quite the buzz but wicked hangover), Prohibited: Nightmares (+2 any resist check vs. Nightmares), immune to the effects of Vertigo/The Deeping, Toughened x2, Fast Learner (trait costs 2 less; all skills level 2 = 1/2 cp cost), Iron Gut, Time Sensitive, Dream Healing (on earth; SAN check = + Conviction), Dream Messaging (SAN check; on earth, other clans), Conviction 1, Poverty (none starting), Cultural Lag (The character must pay double for the first level of any CHA based skills.), Synergy Pool 0

Locale Familiarities: Mid-Vale


Empathy 1+1 [+ 2], Sympathy 1+1 (affect reaction checks), Mobility (run) 1+1 [+ 2; no shoes], Speak Drunnad 3+1, Speak Orrish 1+1, Speak [human] 3+1, Orienteering 0 [+ 1], Climb 1, Jump 1, Stealth 1, Camouflage 1 [+ 2/+ 4 near Deeping + “fade”], Survival 2+1 [+ 1], Botany 1, Zoology 1

Combat: Melee 1, Fend 1, Grapple 1, Evade 1, Soak 1-1


RESilience = 4×7=28+10+6=44
Knocked Back on damage > 21
Familiarities: knife, spear, shield


Synergy = 25 (Synergy Pool 0)


(EC = 3×7 = 21)


Cultural Notes: The Drunnad believe in wasting nothing. Having their digestive system
means they can eat just about anything and do; no waste = less remains to be found = easier to hide their presence. However, cannot drink fermented things (smells vile), only distilled or mead w/honey (gives them quite the buzz but wicked hangover). They are extremely community oriented, raising the young communally. They are organized in clans and tribes, and are able to communicate between
each tribe over vast distances using a special dream-speak ability.


Grep was born to the Red Hoof clan in Mid-Vale of the Helca system. The great Earth Mother was strong with him, and he grew up as one of the Earth-Speakers – transmitting messages from to and from clans far away, learning the ways of the earth. He was also strong though, and a natural warrior. His attention was competed for in his tribe, and he was torn in two directions. He was simple though, and desired not to be part of the politics of the tribe, hated that his brothers and sisters fought over him, and that his destiny and life were being planned out by others. When he was 14, he fought his first battle against the Ameni-Epyp. The nearby human settlement, which translates into ‘Applebottom’, was known to be a place cursed by darkness and shunned by all humans and Drunnad in the Mid-Vale area. A group of humans had disturbed it greatly however, outsiders, and the old rot in the earth – called The Deeping, stirred in their presence. The exiles-in-the-earth (Ameni-Epyp; a snake like people) took to arms and tried to kill the humans. Grep’s tribe argued endlessly of whether to save them. Grep finally took a few of the younger and let the confines of the shadows and woods, helping to guide the humans out. When the Ameni-Epyp thought to ambush them leaving, Grep and the youngsters ambushed them – saving the humans. The elders were angry to no end, and facing a life made for him by others, sensitive Grep decided it was best to leave his clan and find his own way.

He set out searching for his path, following interesting earth signs and drifting past humans settlements of Mid-Vale as he went west. He knew the stars were beckoning him as well – far away mountains and places, air not from his world is what he desired to breathe… for his own was stale, and always a tinge of fear that was much for him to bear. Soon he began to hear whisters in the cracks of the earth where he hid – the earth telling him which way to go. It told him that he must help guide one a band of humans out of the darkness. At first he could not believe it, but the message was clear enough. He followed it until he got to the lowlands of an old place, a place where the earth wept. Near this place, were old ruins nearby a newer human settlement. The old ruins was where he found a band of humans, amongst them a halfbreed Ork. He followed them as they drew near the place where the earth wept, and he was unable to warn them as a band of Darklings and a armored knight attacked them. A few died in the encounter, and Grep senses something different nearby… a presence from the far-lands of the dream worlds. One of the humans had run and hid. ITs faril mind had obviously cracked. Grep coaxed the human out, bringing it to the mysterious earth spirit nearby. The earth spirit healed some of the human’s mind, and Grep learned the vibrations of the human speech – attuning himself to the spirit… bound to the great Earth Mother. After nearly a week, the human crept away – north, and Grep looked sotuh to the human settlement. He stole clothes so that he may go in disguise and see what he could discover about what he had been sent to achieve.

When he arrived, there was quite a commotion going on. Apparently the humans which had been ambushed were having some sort of contest or event in the strange building on top of a great pain in the earth. While he felt awkward and fearful, he approached the humans. He could not read any of their scrawls, but asked instead what was going on. One of the big ones and a small one asked him what he could do for them. Right then, Grep knew this was the answer he was searching for. He told them of the pain in the earth beneath the ground, and that one of their band, the curly-white hair Chris, had not died but fled north. He said he had been sent by the Earth Mother to aid them. Strangely, they took all of this information calmly – like his own people would have done. There was no argument or further question, but he was told to go inside the building and wait – that he was accepted. It pained Grep greatly to be inside the building… and it took him all his nerve not to run for it was so uncomfortable. In the end, there were a couple more humans – both with a strange sense about them, and himself inside the building when the rest came in from outside.

Character Point Record: 30-4-8-3-3-6=24 + CP OWED = 6 deferred = 0 start

Grep- Batru

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