Gregory Daniles


> Description: “Second” stock Faelen (human), male, right handed, weathered skin
> Mannerisms: Greg is never one to hold back his opinions and will boldly express himself.


Kinetic Aptitude 4 (PRIMARY), Warrior Archetype
CRD 7 (+ 1 CS affected skills; PRIMARY)
RCT 6 (+ 1 CS affected skills)
Appearance: 5
Size: 15


Toughness 1, Asset 1 (disable “damper” on gun), Good Luck, Toughened, Disease Resistant – Minor (+2), Reactive Healing 1 (nano-tech; +1 all Medical checks), Programmed Reproduction (disabled), Narrow Focus – Minor (Aptitude must include a 3 rating), Engineered Behavior – Minor (No starting traits of aberrant behavior/compulsions). Improved Minimum Attributes, Kinetic Faculty 1, Iron Will 1, Light Sleeper, Less Sleep, Poverty (half starting), Chi Pool 0 (34), Tithe (Aidonnite Syndicate; 50%)


Combat: Shoot 2+1, Grapple 1+1, Fend 1+1, Soak 1+1, Melee 2+1, Evade 2+1; PRIMARY=Ranged
Other: Zero-Gravity Operations 2+1, Survival 2, Lore: Local History 3, Math 2 Language: Galactic Standard 4/Literate 3, Lore: Imperium 1, Geography 1, Streetwise 1, Art/Illustration 1+1 (drawing), Mobility (run) 1, Lore: Military (weapons + items) 1, Computer: Operate 1, Instrument: Drum/Percussion 1, Sleight of Hand 1+2


Resilience = VIT*Size = 60+4+6= 70
Familiarities: Unarmed, knife, beam weapons – small, beam weapons – large, beam weapons – ordnance
Damage Bonus = 4 + 1 = 5 (melee/propel only)
CHI Total = 34
Chi Powers: [All chi must be spent before the check is made] Tearing (4 damage to any single physical melee or projectile attack; Cost = 1 chi)
Tactics: He has no fear whatsoever, especially if his friends are in trouble (
1 resist fear if it means abandoning his comrades/friends). His preferred method of combat is close quarters blasters, and he does not mind getting “wet” in melee combat if needed. He has a perverse love of fighting, but has a rational sense of self-preservation to balance it out. Offense is what he is all about – overwhelming your enemy fast.


(EC = MUS*Size = 60) 6 (jacket) + 3 (“reg” sidearm)
Credits [hard/chits] = 100 credits
Credits [bank] = 0
Armor/Screen: thick synth-leather jacket (3/24; Fit 1×6=6 Enc; cost = 100 cr)
Shield: None
a. Thermodyne “Reg” std. laser sidearm & hip holster; SEU 1-3, DMG 3, Range 10m, {5 ENC} [cost = 240 cr]
> [DISABLED] Built-in “damper” chip which disables power from the normal source when under a certain frequency within 5m [cost = 2000 cr]
b. Baton (1m; collapsing 4") AM 2, DMG 4, {1 ENC} [cost = 40 cr]
c. vibro knife; SEU 1 (10 microdisc), DMG 3 (5+Aggravated for vibro effect)
a. 10 SEU microdisc x1 (knife) – [cost = 10 cr; disposable]
b. 30 SEU micropack x1 (sidearm) [cost = 140 cr; rechargeable @2 cr/seu]
Worn: [usual]
Carried: [usual]
IMPLANTS: ‘True Citizen’
Identity implant,
Genome Readout (+ 1 medical checks),
Nanomeds (+ 1 healing),

> Calahan’s Rabble Treasury {link}


History with the Group

Calahans: The group gradually formed as a hang-out at Calahans Radioactive Saloon. Over the last few weeks, they have hung out more and more, getting to know the background of each other, building trust, and staying less and less with their initial contacts in the Aidonnite Syndicate This has not gone unnoticed, and their superiors have formally recognized this self-organized bunch and are hinting strongly that a mission is coming for the special talents of ‘Calahans rabble’.

Initial: One time he was sent outside the walls, along with a transport crew to pick up some relics from the Orrish Occupation times. Along with Jackson Shertz and some muscle, they surveyed the wreckage site. When the Orks attacked towards nightfall, it was nearly a total slaughter. Only Jackson, 2 others and Gregory made it out alive. Jackson was able to get the transport away from the battle, while Gregory was holding on by one hand, shooting with the other and being dragged away. He and Jackson were bonded at that point, and Gregory got a reputation through the re-telling of his exploits. Since then, Jackson has requested him as “muscle” on a few of his missions, and when the the group at Calahans was formed, he brought him in to see Tal. Tal was a little leery of his brash attitude, but his value in a fight was soon apparent.

Personal Background

Gregory, was born of his “Second” stock parents on Kaldorphion, a human terraformed world and recent addition to the Imperium. It is a world that spent its first century terrorized by brutal Orrish raids. He grew up the son of a “rock-slinger”; a miner from the capital of Landau City. His mother left the family when he was 9, leaving him to fend for himself mostly. His academic studies suffered for the unstable home life. He moved away from academic things and began to focus on physical ones. He also developed nightmares after being left alone for so long by his working father – and he would develop a need for less sleep and sleeping lightly as a reaction to avoid the bad dreams. At the same time he found an outlet in music – drums and percussion. After primary education, he began training and entered the Imperium Explorers Society – hoping to get a chance to leave the place he grew up in for better opportunities. It was from there he was hired into the security force of Moyer Industrial – the largest corporation on the planet. For a couple years he ran escort duty during the shuttle trips offloading precious minerals to space carriers. He collected a decent amount of information on weapons during this time, reading about their uses in famous battles and the companies that make them. It was during this that was framed by a co-worker and accused of stealing some platinum. His father, now a washed out alcoholic, abandoned him, preferring to keep his own job. He was stripped of his job and savings and cast out. Ostracized from nearly all legitimate jobs, he drifted and found his way to Bithataen Breach, a dead-end lawless hole for criminal elements. Located near the spaceport, he watched his dreams fulfilled by others daily. He eventually fell in with the Aidonnite Syndicate – the biggest criminal enterprise in “the Breach” (well, in the whole city, really), doing enforcer/bouncer work for them. Gregory has been in his share of fights, never backing away and having a reputation for not being intimidated and sticking by his mates.
Family Pedigree: Average
Social Standing: Least
Upbringing: Urban
Education: Primary, Imperium Explorers Society (general program)

Character Point Record:
20 CP + CHA Starting = 24
1/15/2012 2 Kelly; sleight 1, soak

Action Point Record:
0 Starting
1/15/2012 2 Kelly

Select 2 Focus: Fighting, Survival/Urban – planet skills, Pilot
Brief Desc: Standard Human. Long life span (Assuming I don’t screw up), good Stats/Genetically programmed. Space Ranger/Zero Hero/Galactic Marine turned Bounty Hunter-type. Full Kinetic 4, Lore: Military experience/training/equipment (Tours of Duty, etc). Deals with Hostile Negotiations (Violence) and, Survival (Safety of the Group), Guardian/Executioner/Follows Commands from Party Leader. Marksmanship/Gunner/Heavy Artillery/Atmospheric/Space Piloting/Operating Offensive/Defensive Systems, Exo-suits, etc. Good Melee but, mostly prefers Blasters, Cannons, Rifles, Sniper/Ranged weapons, as situation dictates. Explosives/Munitions/Demolitions is still the name of the game. Zero Gravity ops. (Zero Heroes). Danger Sense, Kinetic Faculty, Toughness. Much like Butch before accidentally killing him…but, more CRD/Skills for Outer-space related campaign.

Gregory Daniles

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