Smuggler, slave, star-pilot



Kinetic Aptitude 4
MUS 7 (+ 1 CS skill adj.)
INT 2 (- 1 CS skill adj.)
PER 6 (+ 1 CS skill adj.)
Appearance: 3
Size: 14+4=18


Good Luck, Equipment, Assets (1), Toughened 5, Toughness 2, Frame: Massive (more resilience)

Locale Familiarities: Dilbea/Reback

FORTUNE > Cunning: Watchful and cagey around others
> 5 checks against situations or outcomes that normally would have no resistance or checks against them, including surprise.


Streetwise 2, Math 2, Physics 1, Lang: Speak Galactic Standard 4/Literate 3, Lang: Speak Gladnorean 1, Lore: Jedussan (system) 1, Geography 1, Art (drawing) 1, Climb 1, Lore: Reback 3, Lore: Xerrit Industries 1, Operate: Loaders and Lifters 3, Piloting (atmospheric) 3, Pilot (space) 1, Mobility: Run [-1], Stealth 0 [-1], Zero Gravity Ops [-1]

Combat: Melee 1, Grapple 1, Shoot 3, Evade 2 [-1], Demolitions 1


RESilience = 18*4 = 72+5+10=87
Familiarities: knife, firearm – small


Energy: [belt] 100 SEU for 3 devices x2


Defenses: Inertial Screen (FRONT FACING; 4 dmg/portion = 1 SEU)



Social Standing: Average (Pedigree)
Upbringing: Urban
Education: Primary (3 CP cost only)

Butch was born to Second breed humans migrating to the Jedussan system for work. He grew up amongst the industrialized workers of the territory of Reback, in the city of Drenada. His father had an uncanny ability to find mineral deposits and they moved around the territory a lot. Xerrit Industries sponsored his education and when he left school here entered the workforce.

For years he worked his way up the chain, from loaders and lifters at the space port to flying transport shuttle and spotters, and finally to running small scouts in orbit. The jobs wore on him, as his contract was a 50 year one… and he felt he had to leave or go crazy. He hater his life, his parents, and his company. He stole a ship to get out of orbit, hoping to get the the transit lanes. He was boarded and taken by smugglers for a few years, forced to work for them. His ship was eventually caught by a military Faerie vessel and he was tortured. Eventually he escaped with Orrish prisoner during a clash and was picked up by an Orrish vessel. He was forced to work off debt – making metal crude weapons for unknown parts on the outer worlds. He converted scrap into a life pod; attached it to a shuttle on the Orrish frigate so he could try and take control of it in deep space and escape with it. The shuttle was used to run supplies planet side but it was attacked by some unknown force. The cabin depressurized, killing the Orrish inside, and he crash landed at night in a shit hole swamp. The shuttle’s emergency landing protocols kicked in, so Butch was just tossed around. A lot of the gear was ruined, but he’s managed to salvage some stuff – including a few weapons and supplies. He cant speak the language of the local primitive humans. He has no clue what planet he is on or where he is at – it must be some outworld colony. He’s been there for 1 month, trying to learn the language in exchange for work. Apparently there’s been some local problems and he’s been helping them rebuild some structures – his huge muscle being a distinct advantage. Just recently, another stranger has come… his accent marks him a Galactic Faelen stock but he’s not respond to overtures yet. Perhaps he has some ability to help repair the shuttle’s damage electronics and get him off this world.


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