Arduan Gilmorth; "Zippy"

Introverted toy and bomb-maker; "guns make me nervous"


> Description: “Roughshed” Faelen (human), male, right handed, 5’8", 130#, prison tattoo (russian)
> Mannerisms:


Kinetic Aptitude 3, Magic Aptitude 1, Academic Archetype
Essence Principal = 35
RSN 6 (+ 1 CS affected skills)
PER 6 (+ 1 CS affected skills)
INT 8 (+ 1 CS affected skills)
Appearance: 3
Size: 10


Poverty (none), Good Luck, Code of Conduct: Lawful, Compulsion: Cowardice (+ Any combat skill is penalized as slow learner), Compulsion: Honest, Compulsion: Curiosity, Compulsion: Reclusive, Assets: 2, Trust Bond (w/Xor-gon and Jackson; gives him +2 when trying to beat his compulsions), Chi Pool 0 (22), Mana Pool 0 (30), Tithe (Aidonnite Syndicate; 50%)


Streetwise 1+2, Lore: Local 3+1, Lore: Imperium 2+1, Geography 1+1, Art/Illustration 2+1 (painting/airbrush), Swim 1, Computer: Operate 2+1, Math 3+1, Language: Galactic Std 4+1/Literate 4+1, Physics 2+1, CNC Machine: Operate 1+1, Engineering: Mechanical 3+1 (robotics/toys), Demolitions 1+2, Engineering: Electrical 2+1, Metallurgy 1+1, Repair 1+2, Law: Imperium 1+1, Evade 1+1, Shoot 1+1


Resilience = VITxSize = 50 + 5 = 55
Familiarity: Unarmed (no skill!), beam weapons – small
Tactics: Hide. All the time. Send robots out, armed, if possible… but run and hide saves your skin. Direct confrontation ONLY to save friends lives.


(EC = MUS*Size = 30) _ _
Credits [hard] =
a. Baton (1m; collapsing 4") AM 2, DMG 4, {1 ENC} [cost = 40 cr]
Worn: [usual] orange and blue “speed suits” – one piece overalls; steel toed brown boots
Carried: [usual]
IMPLANTS: ‘True’ Citizen
Identity implant,
Genome Readout (+ 1 medical checks),
Nanomeds (+ 1 healing),


a. (35cr, + 1 check) Fake clown doll that when his hat is pulled in 2 seconds a burning light (disables heat vision) melts the doll and it fills a 5×5m area with smoke.
b. (115cr, + 1 check) Fake robot doll that when it is hit on top will blow a shaped charge in the direction its head is facing in 3 seconds. Only 8 blowback damage within .5m but does base 18 damage anti personnel (armor takes only half damage) from the ball bearings and chips inside.
c. (1500cr) Fake model boat crewed by clowns using a kids flit board. RES=20; Remote control Thermodyne Group “Reg” laser pistol (Std Laser Sidearm SEU @2, DMG 3, Range 10m) w/movement sensors at 5-7m and two 10 SEU microsdiscs – auto-target and manual mode available up to 20m
d. (400cr, + 1 check) Brick; 48 structural damage base in .5m area; detonator + 10m switch trigger

> Calahan’s Rabble Treasury {link}


Russian Robot Dance Dolls in ___ – antiques that he services. Orbital Lounge in our section. Associate of ____
“Slumming” – its the ‘dangerous’ place for Moyer Industrialites to visit; its hip and neutral territory for business.

History with the Group

Calahans: The group gradually formed as a hang-out at Calahans Radioactive Saloon. Over the last few weeks, they have hung out more and more, getting to know the background of each other, building trust, and staying less and less with their initial contacts in the Aidonnite Syndicate. This has not gone unnoticed, and their superiors have formally recognized this self-organized bunch and are hinting strongly that a mission is coming for the special talents of ‘Calahans rabble’.

Initial: The Aidonnite Syndicate has sent a group of brothers to explore an old settlement outside the city, several kilometers away. Even after 20 years of the Orrish being gone, people still feared running into stragglers and many settlements were ripe for salvage still. Jackson headed up the exploration team, and decided to use Zippy’s skills. It turned out that the robots flushed out some Orrish, saving the crew from ambush. His demotions skills were able to save them from further harm, and help open a collapsed hole that lead to a cache of medical supplies. Since then, Jackson has tried to be kind to Zippy, even when the others teased him about it. He in turn told Xor-gon about his talents when he was sent into a dangerous situation in meeting with off-worlders; his talents once again saved lives… and with a lot of coaxing over weeks, Xor-gon got him to show up once at the Calahans meeting. Everyone there knew about Zippy’s role in saving their Aidonnite bothers and he was immediately accepted into the group. Now, he only feels safe with the ‘rabble’ of Calahans. He has talked to Virgil several times, exploring the use of chemical agents for bombs… Zippy relates to everyone only through technology and science talks – computers, ships, engines, machines… but its hard to share personal feelings or details.

Personal Background

Zippy (got his name for the clown-like toys he made as a kid) has always been an introvert… preferring to work with his machines and robots over dealing with people. In school, his social skills and charisma were lacking; years of intense forced socialization brought him back from the brink of being crippled by his lack. It was also during his education that his awkward clumsiness was improved – he was constantly dropping items until intense therapy offset this state. He has no stomach for fighting, after being repeatedly beat up and picked on all his life. He learned to take the path of least resistance, how to avoid confrontation, and to not stand out and get by without being noticed. Instead, he prefers to let his machines do his speaking (and fighting if he can) for him… a layer between him and the rest of “humanity”. He grew up the child of two Standard parents, a normal life on a normal world – his childhood was totally unremarkable except that the birth process was manual (Roughshed)- his parents (both professors) used him as an academic experiment. He graduated college and assisted professors at the university where his parents worked. After a year of the most mind-numbing dull work he could imagine, he did something totally out of his character and impulsive – he joined the Imperium Explorers Society. He needed to get away from his parents, who showed no love for him, and the dead-end life he was living. After their training and posting, he was immediately contracted by the Astrodyne Industries representative. He shipped off to the Outworld system of Kaldorphion, a human terraformed world and recent addition to the Imperium. It was a world that spent its first century terrorized by brutal Orrish raids – Zippy was terrified of going there, but had no choice. On the voyage there, he volunteered to be one of the Watchers – human eyes awake in case something went wrong – but his shift was mostly alone. It took a month, and he developed his zero gravity skills slightly. Once there, he was stationed at Landau City, the capital. He was a junior roboticist working on mining robots delivering explosives deep under the earth for mining. His real passion was for making toys however, and he constantly was getting into trouble when spending too much time on this while at work – though he was gifted in his field. One day a jealous co-worker rigged one of his toys to explode. Unfortunately that day the section chief was bringing his family around and it nearly killed his daughter who tried to play with it. Zippy was fired, had all his materials taken, and was cast out on the street. He made his way to the filthy dead-end of Bithataen Breach, and eventually fell in with the criminal element there in order to survive… making crude bombs and doing machine repairs for the Aidonnites (a criminal enterprise). He’s treated like dirt, terrified for his life, and is looking for a way out of his situation – but he’s a coward at heart and has to have a strong hand directing him. He’s basically treated like a pet by the gang. He has no possessions and his rewards are more parts for the toys he makes – which are usually taken by the other gang-members for their whores, squeezes, or whatever. It obvious to all that he can be abused and will not fight back.
Family Pedigree: Average
Social Standing: Least
Upbringing: Urban
Education: Secondary, Imperium Explorers Society (general program)

Character Point Record:
20 CP + CHA Starting = 24
1/15/2012 2 Kelly/ 2 Mario

Action Point Record:
0 Starting
1/15/2012 2 Kelly/ 2 Mario

Choose 2 Focus: Other (Engineer), Other: Demotions
Brief Desc: A totally introvert character that easily fades to the background and is not noticed (easy to run as a GM and can be played when i have opportunity). Has some skills which can come in handy, but are not required. Modeled after the character from Blade Runner by William Sanderson. Lives ni a world of his own creation, but very smart. Total coward, can only be helped by a couple of PC’s in the party he has bonded with – total dependence on them.

Arduan Gilmorth; "Zippy"

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