Adrian Desowl


> Description: Standard stock Faelen (human), male, right handed, brown hair, blue eyes
> Mannerisms: Always looking at ships, “galactic auto trader” equivalent; he is always taking stuff apart and putting it back together on his off time. Also he has a pack of smokes and lights up in life and death situations (as long as it wont get him caught ect.) if anyone asks about the habit he will say he quit but he would be lucky if these kill him first vs whatever the party is facing at the moment.


Kinetic Aptitude 4 (primary), Warrior archetype
CRD 6 (+ 1 CS affected skills; primary)
RCT 6 (+ 1 CS affected skills)
Appearance: 6 (+ 1 CS affected skills)
Size: 11


Toughness 1, Good Luck, Toughened, Toxin Resistant, Code of Conduct: Lawful (genetic programmed), Compulsion: Learning Law (must learn local laws/min level 1 in places where they go frequently), Narrow Focus – Major (Aptitude must be a 4/all citizens very specialized), Improved Minimum Attributes, Disease Resistant – Major (+4), Reactive Healing 2 (nano-tech; +2 all Medical checks), Programmed Reproduction (disabled), Engineered Behavior – Minor (No starting traits of aberrant behavior/compulsions), Chi Pool 0 (33), Tithe (Aidonnite Syndicate; 50%)


Other: Lore: Dilbea History 3, Math 2 Language: Galactic Standard 4/Literate 4, Lore: Imperium 1, Geography 1, Streetwise 1, Art/Illustration 2+1 (digital architecture), Mobility (run) 1, Lore: Spacecraft 2, Lore: Imperium Law 1, Lore: Kaldorphion Law 1, Operate: Cargo Loaders 2+1, Computer: Operate 1, Pilot: Atmospheric 2+1, Pilot: Space (maneuverable) 1+1, Zero-Gravity Operations 2, Metallurgy 1, Physics 1, Repair 1
Combat: Shoot 1+1, Evade 1+1, Melee 1+1


Resilience = VITxSize = 44
Familiarities: Unarmed, beam weapons – small, swords
Tactics: If ever in doubt, shoot first and ask questions later. “Dont let them see you flinch” was his daddy’s saying… and he abides by it. He is cool under fire, and prefers blasters and causing things to collapse or blowing things up from shooting them directly – but not really a killer if he can help it.


(EC = MUS*Size = 44) _ _
Credits [hard/chits] = 100 credits
Credits [bank] = 0
Armor/Screen: None
Shield: None
a. Thermodyne “Reg” std. laser sidearm & hip holster; SEU 1-3, DMG 3, Range 10m, {5 ENC} [cost = 240 cr]
> Built-in “damper” chip which disables power from the normal source when under a certain frequency within 5m
b. Baton (1m; collapsing 4") AM 2, DMG 4, {1 ENC} [cost = 40 cr]
a. 30 SEU micropack x1 (sidearm) [cost = 140 cr; rechargeable @2 cr/seu]
Worn: [usual] Black synth-leather jacket and boots, sidearm, normal clothes,
Carried: [usual]
IMPLANTS: ‘True’ Citizen
Identity implant,
Genome Readout (+ 1 medical checks),
Nanomeds (+ 1 healing),

> Calahan’s Rabble Treasury {link}


History with the Group

Calahans: The group gradually formed as a hang-out at Calahans Radioactive Saloon. Over the last few weeks, they have hung out more and more, getting to know the background of each other, building trust, and staying less and less with their initial contacts in the Aidonnite Syndicate. This has not gone unnoticed, and their superiors have formally recognized this self-organized bunch and are hinting strongly that a mission is coming for the special talents of ‘Calahans rabble’.

Initial: About 4 months ago, he was flying a mission to rescue an illicit mining crew from a washout due to one of the infamous Kaldorphion “gallop” storms. He brought with him a Mebvee named Virgil Iris Bathsend who was to treat any wounded. On the journey out they began to talk and Adrian realized that he had additional science and engineering skills – his medical ones were the least of his talents. He struck up a friendship that has lasted, hoping to one day use him in his effort to get the old Mebvee freighter operational again, and get mobile and away from the criminal world they both find themselves trapped in. His friendship with Virgil lead him to Calahans – were he began to hang out with the others. Adrian met Jackson Shertz on the same mission – a surveyor and explorer. He was impressed with his ability to coordinate the rescue efforts and fearlessly jump into dangerous terrain and climate conditions to rescue the injured member of the syndicate crew. Both has some appreciation of trucks and transports, and they talked over their experiences over drinks afterwards – becoming fast friends. During one of their binges, they both became involved in a drunken brawl. Adrian got to see first hand Gregory’s power in a fight. When it came time for choosing people in the group at Calahans, Adrian was able to second Jackson’s nomination for him.

Personal Background

He was the son of parents from Dilbea. His parents were both pilots working for Calvet Biotechnology, delivering various things to others systems. Only one of his parents was generally around, but both encouraged him to follow in their path. After his primary education and time spent working for a couple local outfits in Reback, he entered the Imperium Explorers Society to try and get off-planet. He trained to learn the use of the sonic sword, rather exotic, and learned how to shoot in addition to repair and other skills he would need as a pilot. After his training there, his contract was taken up by a smaller rival to Calvet – Eve Genesis Corporation. Eve shipped him off to the Kaldorphion system – an Outworld human colony which had suffered a long time under Orrish raids and attacks. The place was a rumored hell-hole dive compared to Dilbea… there were even strains of super-bugs, let loose by the Orrish in the wars – this probably explained Eve’s interest in the area. When he got there, he worked running mining shuttles into the atmosphere. After a year of living in Landau City, the capital, he moved to the north suburbs in an area called Clayville, with Merilee – the woman who was going to be his wife. Merilee turned out to be a corporate spy, and when she was caught in the act, everyone around her was suspect. He lost his job, his future and his bride. Penniless, he ended up in the shit-hole section of the city known as Bithataen Breach, working freelance as a pilot for smuggling operations in the area. He works cheap, due to his age, and his natural talents as a pilot always made sure he had a job. He works within his boundaries, keeps his head down, and watches for an opportunity… and he has a plan. Floating above the world is a junkyard of derelict spacecraft. He’s spotted one in his travels, which he thinks he could repair. An old Anton IV class Mebvee made freighter – depressurized and with one engine totally blown away. Its wreckage is mixed up with that of a ruined Orrish BlackAxe class destroyer – hiding it from prying eyes, but his love of ships and keen eyes spotted in during one of his nostalgic shuttle side-trips he would take (when employed) through the wreckage belt. The zone is interdicted by Pangalactic Law due to the military wreckage floating around – off limits – but they have not gotten to cleaning it up in the last 20 years. His goal is to make it operational again and get out of the backwater.
Family Pedigree: Average
Social Standing: Least (Average in past)
Upbringing: Urban
Education: Primary, Imperium Explorers Society (general program)

Code of Conduct: Lawful

  • Rules and laws create boundaries and protections that safeguard all.
  • Consistency indicates discipline, which can be relied upon to make everyone stronger.
  • Without law and order there is no society in which to flourish.
  • Control of the self is the path to controling others.
  • Everyone answers to some higer authority – there is a chain of command in all things.

    Character Point Record:
    20 CP + CHA Starting = 24 + Archetype Benefits
    1/15/2012 2 Kelly/ 2 Mario

Action Point Record:
0 Starting
1/15/2012 2 Kelly/ 2 Mario

Select 2 Focus: Astrogation/navigation/way-finding, Pilot
Brief Desc: Id Like to be the pilot. If I had a third pick it would go into fighting for a small pistols, got to defend the ship man. I see him as the ace pilot. Who would be the guy that is a ship fanatic (knows gets excited over seeing better ships instead of our garbage truck/ always looking at the auto-trader of the space world).

Adrian Desowl

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