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News - Civil War Coming?

Corporate and "National" interests collide with locals!

[News] United Kaldorphion Free Press 19024; fall season – Late breaking news indicates that the corporate interests on Kaldorphion have formed a loose alliance with the AFUK (Advocates For a United Kaldorphion). Even now, in the eastern region of Camerone, wher the AFUK has a majority council sitting, it is being reported that mercenaries are being landed in the central city of Singerman – in the space port itself. External sources say a camp is being formed several kilometers to the NW of the city in low mountain valleys near the massive freshwater Loch Sauverage – although there is an official news and satellite blackout on the region and several attempts to get close have resulted in arrests, as well as destruction of remote sensing gear.

All this is happening a midst the seasonal weather changes which would make it impossible for much movement. Storms continue to rage, and cyclones and tornadoes hit the lowlands relentlessly. If this is true, it is the first overt act of aggression from the nationalists. The local Binding Multiples have not made any comment on it, and the local speaker for the Faerie Council on Kaldorphion has made an official protest through the Imperium channels, and has declared that any violence near or movement through Faerie Territories on the lake will constitute and act of aggression which will be replied to in kind – and that ALL humans will be considered a guilty party – nationalist or Binding Multiple member.

Despite the continued trade and transport arguments, the Binding Multiple councils have always been respectful of Faerie Lands and sources inside their talks say they have nothing to do with the escalation to military action. The BM’s are all known to have their own militia and resources which are used sometimes in helping to settle new places and have occasionally clashed in the past – but never in the numbers of the mercenaries seen landing, and never involving the existing settled areas.

The only likely action from the Imperium is to interdict all space traffic in the system – preventing any further outsider forces from arriving.


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