Gohrmliht Imperium

Starting in Bithataen Breach

The group is brought together

Basic Timeline:
18482 System discovered
18601 Terraforming begins
18817 First settlers
18855 First Orrish raid
18983 Orrish occupation
19004 Liberation
Second settlement
19024 Current time

Kaldorphion System

Online Reference: http://www.incarna.net/set/grlm/places/sys-kaldorphion/

Calahans crew is noticed

The crew thats assembled at Calahans has not gone unnoticed. Tal is summoned to the presence of Alleich – who’s crew the group is part of. He says he’s got a real job for them, this one comes from the top – Corelian himself. Its mostly a total milk run, except for the part of getting the goods. You will have a ground cargo transport, and headed to the edge of The Mouth – the breach to the outside. There you will meet Grubska and his crew – ‘outers’ who survive off the land and salvage outside the city. He’s a very nervous fellow and a couple of deal have gone south… but he always manages to find something the syndicate needs. Drop off the payment, pick up the package, and make it back to Ahnzelina’s Truck Repair to deliver it. Tal returns to Calahan’s to talk to the group about it and prepare.

Grubska + ‘the outers’: The syndicate and them go way back. They dig through old settlements and Orrish bases illegally looking for salvage. Outside Landau and the few estates west of the walls (near a gate) the Imperium’s army is the law. Most of their attention is focused on the Star Port – so very rarely do the ‘outers’ come in conflict with anyone but legitimate salvage crews – the occasional family looking to recover lost goods or sentimental items. Grubska is their leader for 8 years now, of Russian Old Earth descent and still speaking with an accent. They are a hard crew, a band of a few hundred in Grubska’s case.

Ahnzelina: Another of Russian Old Earth descent; a known associate of the syndicate – a hard, dangerous woman with some of the best chop shop work around.

Alleich: Crew Boss working under Corelian, the immediate superior of the group meeting at Calahans. His crew is about 50 all total – plus he runs whores, drugs, and metal salvage and transport. He is known to have a hover truck, and a atmospheric shuttle with a 20 ton cargo hold. He is a rough looking man, portly and smokes a large pipe. He is some sort of human modified strain – he is covered in a light soft fur.


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