In the vastness of far-flung space, the Faelen power rises – the Gohrmliht Imperium. It is Galactic Standard Period 19024 (“years”).

What the Imperium is Like:

  • The universe is vast, distances great.
  • The struggle between forces that shape the cosmos are mostly those of chaos and order.
  • There are multiple races in competition for resources and they do not trust each other.
  • Magic is considered strange and often not understood. Faith more understood, but is considered mostly unnecessary by more advanced races. Psychic powers are rare and feared.
  • PC’s are not inherently exceptional; they rise above through their actions to become that.
  • The world is not fair; beings will do whatever it takes to advance their own cause.
  • The average person just wants to live and has no agenda – they leave such to their leaders.
  • The common person is literate, has access to vast amounts of information, educated, and still manages to be opinionated and obstinate in the face of facts.
  • The verse needs no heroes – chaos and unrest follow such people.
  • There is no greater good served – meaning is found in local communities.

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Gohrmliht Imperium

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